Mar 19, 2023 | Voice Over

The Most Important Skill for a Voice Actor

There are lots of skills involved when it comes to being a successful voice actor. You have to be able to act, duh. Being good at marketing is just as important as being good at networking and yes, they’re different skills. Social media literacy definitely helps. Then there’s accounting, contract negotiation, time management, organization… the list goes on and on. 

And those are just the skills to get you into the booth. Then you have to keep track of proper mic technique, maintaining your breathing, keeping pace, taking direction, performing and more. It’s a whole lot. 

But those skills aren’t THE most important skill. Don’t get me wrong, those skills are incredibly necessary if you’re going to make it in this industry (and knowing which skills are ones you personally need versus ones you can hire others to help you with helps a bunch too) but THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL is actually one that is going to help you more than any other, at every single stage in your career. 


And I know, it sounds pretty basic. But, think about it. If you want to have a long career in this industry, you’re going to work with countless different directors, engineers and casting directors at so many different studios. They all have ways they like to do things and you better believe they all have different preferences, use different programs and require different performances.  If you think you know best? If they use a system you’re not familiar with? If you can’t be a good learner and adjust? You won’t be booking long. 

Being a good learner gives you a leg up in literally every aspect of this business. You’ll be better able to determine which parts of the business you can do on your own, versus what you need help with or need to outsource for. You’ll figure out your personal style – what works for you and what doesn’t in terms of voice over genres, your vocal range, techniques to train, etc. You’ll also quickly find that being a good learner makes you stand out and I bet you’ll find people describe you as “easy to work with” and “a joy to have in the booth”. 

There are so many things you have to learn as a voice actor. And the learning never stops. So, the best advice I have for every voice actor at every stage of their career is: be a good learner. Make that your number one skill, and watch your successes take off. 

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